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Do Sonic Deterrents Really Work?

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The short answer to this question that we at PEST UK are asked often is no.

Sonic Deterrents

Sonic deterrents claim to repel rodents using ultrasonic frequencies that are uncomfortable/ painful to them. I went on a course last year with the renowned Dr Steven Havers at the Church Farm training site and was able to witness a live test of multiple ultrasonic devices. Mice and rats were both unaffected and were even crawling over the devices with no effect to them.

The Church Farm site has a number of training areas set up for pest control technicians to show common rodent locations and how best to treat these. This is an exceptional site that we send all trainee technicians to, to help them understand the nature and behaviour of rodents.

Do sonic deterrents work?

PEST UK mice treatments

Wasp Sprays

Another item available in shops to buy are wasp killer sprays and foams. These work by having you spray the foam direct onto the nest either first thing in the morning or last thing at night when the wasps are least active.

PESTUK technicians have access to insecticides that are simply better than what is commercially available. Our technicians are also trained in their proper use and the knowledge and expertise to deal with wasps at any time of day.

sonic deterrents and insecticides

Ant Treatments

Sprays and powders are available again from shops to deal with ants and other crawling insects. Again the pesticides used by PEST UK are more advanced and our technicians have the training to place baits and sprays in the most effective areas to treat your problem pests. We would use a possible combination of residual insecticide and bait gel to treat ants. One treatment is more than enough to deal with them, where as with powders you can end up reapplying for weeks or longer.

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