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A better class of rat:
My first call out the other day was for rats in a garage, nothing unusual, except the rats were living in the engine bay of the car kept inside the garage.. A Rolls Royce silver shadow!  The car was not used that often but the warmth of the engine from the last time it was run had attracted the rodents who were obviously feeling the cold outside. They had chewed their way in at the base of the wooden frame of the up and over garage door and had moved into the warm engine bay, shreding the insulation foam on the inside of the hood and stashing it all round the engine so it was nice and comfy!!  The garage is often a weak point in peoples property. Particular attention should be paid to garages attached to the home. People often keep tumble dryers in garages which, along with cars, produce heat… In this weather this is a major attractant for rodents and there are usualy gaps around garage doors (up and over doors rarely fit tight to the floor) which afford access to mice and rats. This can lead to your home getting infested if the garage is joined to your house. Be aware not to keep foodstuffs or tumble dryers in garages unless you are certain your garage is sealed well.   The rats in the Roller were easily treated with rodenticide but the damage they caused will no doubt be expensive. Proofing the garage would have been cheaper!!
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