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Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Crane flies

Frequently asked questions about crane flies:

Crane flies are not harmful so do not have to be killed.

Adult crane flies feed on nectar from flowers or other outdoor plants. They lay their eggs in the ground, where the larvae feed on decaying wood and vegetation.

The daddy long legs is a large type of cranefly, of which there are 94 species in the UK.

The crane fly is an important food source for birds, fish, and other animals. As an aquatic insect it can be an indicator of good water quality

Crane flies can live in the house for a few weeks.

You may see more crane flies during wet weather. Wet conditions are ideal for crane flies’ larvae.

Crane flies may venture indoors for warmth, however, they lay their eggs outside.

Crane flies will not intentionally fly at you.

Some people are scared of crane flies as they are visually similar to spiders of which many have a phobia of.