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Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Booklice

Frequently asked questions about booklice:

In severe infestations, booklice can cause respiratory problems.

Booklice are naturally occurring in birds’ nests and decomposing vegetation.

Reducing humidity combined with an insecticide treatment will get rid of booklice.

No, booklice do not bite humans.

Booklice may crawl or fall onto the bed but do not live in beds.

An insecticide treatment will kill booklice.

Booklice will not go away on their own while a food source remains present.

A common reason for booklice is high humidity, new-ish plaster, and/or birds nests in or around your home.

Booklice do not live on clothes. They may go on to clothes looking for food.

Booklice are extremely small insects that are slightly reddish in colour.

You will know you have booklice by seeing them.

Mites generally are extremely small and can be easily confused with booklice.