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Wasps in Chimneys

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PESTUK have a very successful pest control team with long ladders and roof ladders to deal with wasp nests and bee swarms in chimneys. As far as I know there are no Local Council pest control departments and very few pest control companies that deal with this type of difficult problem. In a a lot of cases it is necessary to get close to the wasp nest or bee swarm to inject an insecticide to kill it off. In the case of a bee swarm is may be necessary to net the chimney to prevent insecticide contamination to other bees as well as to help prevent re infestation of bees in the future.
Honey Bee Swarm Entering Chimney
Wasps by the BPCA
Cost to Deal with Wasps in Chimneys

The ‘normal’ cost to deal with a wasp nest is £50 + VAT (£60 inc VAT) but to the the extra labour (we use 2 people on wasp high access or chimney jobs), the extra logistics in picking up and transporting the very long ladders and roof ladders and the extra insurance required then the cost is more: £135 + VAT (£156 inc VAT). Not all chimney jobs require this though. We can get to quite high wasp nests using standard ladders and extension poles. If in doubt then why not e mail photos of where the wasp or bee nest is to: services@pestuk.com and in most cases we can tell from photo’s if specialist access is required.
Bee Swarm in a Chimney
Contacting PEST UK for advice on Wasps in Chimneys, to book an appointment or for advice.

You can call PEST UK any time any day and your call will be answered by a person in the UK. We use an answer service at night time but from 8am to 7.30 pm (6.30 pm Winter) weekdays and most of the weekends you will get through in the day to our central office in Reading for expert advice and to book appointments. We currently have 32 regional pest control offices in the South of England but these numbers are diverted to the central office when the pest control technician servicing that area is on the road.
Tackling a Honey Bee Swarm in a Chimney
Please call 0800 026 0308 (free from landlines and most mobiles) or 0330 100 2811
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Wasps by PESTUK


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