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Wasps coming out of chimney

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Wasps coming out of chimney

If you have bees or wasps coming out of a chimney it may be that you have had a wasp nest in the chimney the previous year, it may just be Queen wasps hibernating in the chimney or worst case scenario it may be that you have an established honey bee nest in the chimney.
Wasps coming out of chimney
What can I do about Wasps coming out of the chimney in Winter?

There are no ‘active wasp nests in the Winter. This is because each wasp nest dies off in the Winter leaving fertile Queen Wasps as the only survivors who leave the nest, disperse over a wide area and hibernate. Chimneys, lofts and other cavities are often chosen as hibernation sites. it must be stressed that the Queen wasps are acting individually, there are no active wasp nests in the Winter. You may never ‘cure’ the problem completely but the application of a residual insecticide up the chimney applies with a pressure duster will relieve and sometimes solve the problem. PEST UK can do this for a reasonable price.
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What can I do about Honey Bees coming out of the chimney in Winter?

This is far more difficult. One of the main differences between Honey Bees and Wasps is that a Honey Bee nest will live for many years and be semi dormant in the Winter (in both cases of hibernating Queen wasps and semi dormant Honey bees) artificial heat and light may ‘pull’ them out of hibernation and lead them into dwelling areas. As a temporary measure a residual insecticide can be applied to the chimney in the same manor as for Queen wasps coming out of chimney but to completely eradicate a Honey bee nest is a difficult task. It has to be done when the temperature is high enough for the nest to be completely active and usually has to be carried out from the roof using 2 people and a roof ladder etc. PEST UK can do this at a cost of £135.00 + VAT.
Tackling a Honey Bee Swarm in a Chimney
If gas appliances are venting into a chimney and you suspect there is a wasp or bee nest in the chimney then you must stop using the gas appliance that vents into the chimney immediately. If you continue to do so the the consequences could be fatal.
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