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Wasps December

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There are several reasons why it is beneficial and less dangerous to have a wasps December treated. It is true that a wasp nest will eventually die out naturally but last year we were still treating active nests in the last week in December! If you do decide to leave a nest to die out then you are more likely to get wasp nest(s) next year. A nest will produce hundreds (in some cases thousands of fertile Queen wasps. If a nest is treated then the vast majority of these Queens will be killed and so reducing the risk of that nest causing new wasp nests the following year. The Queen wasps leave the nest as it dies out. They then hibernate for the remainder of the year and come out of hibernation in April to seek out a site for a new wasp nest. Each Queen wasp will start her own nest.
Many people get stung by dozy wasps at this time of year. They get lost and because it is colder and the days are shorter they are more likely to be attracted to artificial light and food sources which brings them into contact with people. Many people get stung by wasps that have crawled into clothes or bedding. If you don’t have a wasp nest treated then it is like that dozy and dining wasps will be seen for some time.
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Listed below are the ways you can contact PEST UK to book a wasp nest treatment:
By Phone: We have two main numbers: 0800 026 0308 (free phone landlines & some mobiles) or 0330 100 2811 (local rate landlines & mobiles).

E mail:services@pestuk.com.

Request a a call back request from our PEST UK Tablet & mobile website. Just load up www.pestuk.com from one of these devices and the web site detects you are using a suitable device and loads up the mobile site.

Please fell free to call or e mail for advice on wasps or any pest control advice.
PEST UK serves West London, Middlesex, NW Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, South Buck & South Oxforshire. Outside these areas then go to www.bpca.org.uk BPCA website and find a BPCA member in your area. It is important that you get a British Pest Control Association member company then you can be assured that the company chosen uses qualified staff and is properly insured (unlike some Local Authorities!)Wasp_High_Res
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