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At last the weather is turning colder and whenever this happens it generates pest control problems with rats, mice and squirrels, especially in lofts and atics.

Mice feeding in a kitchen

Mice feeding in a kitchen

Rats and Mice
Both rats and mice don’t like the cold. Although they will tolerate the cold and both rats and mice will adapt to colder conditions but given the choice they will move into some where warmer. The population of rats and mice peaks in the Autumn. They have been breeding all year and a last boost of crops and berries increases the population late in the year. Now comes the cold weather and the food supply reduces coupled with the reduction in vegetation cover. This leads to increased movement of rats and mice towards buildings and more ‘risker’ food sources such as bird tables and nearer to humans. Rats and mice can get into houses through broken air bricks, breaches in the sewers or even up walls vis creepers and straight into loft spaces. Normally the rats, mice or squirrels are not looking for food when they go into lofts but shelter and/or (normally in the case of Squirrels a place to breed. Rats, mice and squirrels in lofts can chew cables, water pipes, damage insulation and make a noise. They have even been known to start fires by chewing electrical cables and pollute water tanks in loft spaces with droppings and bodies. The entry points may be difficult and in some cases impossible to trace. Mice can get through gaps of 1 cm where as rats need gaps of at least 2cm, depending on the size and age of the rat. They may be accessing the building lower down or via a sewer and then making their way up the cavity wall into the loft space.
People seem to be more tolerant of mice than rats but they carry the same types of diseases. people die in the UK every year from Weils and other diseases that rats & mice carry. At PEST UK we offer a loft insulation removal and replacement along with a biocide treatment (biocide treatments disinfect & deodorise the area) or for lightly infested areas a biocide only treatment.
Squirrels are very territorial and a loft space will be similar to a ‘drey’ or nest within it’s territory but with the onset of colder weather these will be used more frequently. Although not disease carriers they generally cause more damage and are much louder than rats or mice. It is important with squirrels not to attempt to block up any access points into the roof or loft space until after the present infestation has been dealt with.
Grey Squirrel
For pest control treatments regarding Rats, Mice or Squirrels, including biocide treatments/loft insulation removal & replacement then call PEST UK on 0330 100 2811 or 0800 026 0308
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