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Pest Control in Schools

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Pest Control in Schools: Schools require a reliable, trustworthy (CRB Checked), reasonably priced and fast pest control service. At PEST UK we pass these criteria as we have pest control contracts and carry out many ‘one off’ pest control treatments in Schools throughout the South of England.
German Wasp
The time period after or just before the end of the Summer Holidays is the busiest time for schools when it comes to pest control. The reason for this is the schools have been relatively unused for a long period and this is also the wasp season. In the Autumn wasp nests are at their most troublesome and dangerous state so prompt treatment is essential and PEST UK provide this service. We move our regular pest control contract work to allow for this busy period at schools.
Some schools have pest control contracts that cover ‘all pests’, others have pest control contracts that just cover or/and monitor the public health pests while some just call out a pest control company on an ad hoc basis. Whichever system they use it is important that they use a company they can rely on and understands a schools particular needs.
If poison baits are used then PEST UK will only ever use solid block baits (which can’t spill) in locked tamper proof bait boxes. In the case of contracts we will always try and use non toxic methods (trapping and non toxic pheromone traps and baits) wherever possible. It must be remembered though that modern insecticides and rodenticides are relatively harmless to humans compared with the serious (some fatal) diseases that rats, mice and cockroaches transmit and carry.

if you require pest control in schools or pest control anywhere else, either domestic or commercial pest control then please call PEST UK on 0330 100 2811 (local rate) or 0800 026 0308 (free from landlines & some mobiles.


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