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Pest Control in Guildford

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Pest Control in Guildford

Pest control in Guildford consists of domestic jobs involving rodents such as rats, mice and squirrels or insect pests including wasps, bees, bed bugs, cockroaches, flies, fleas and ants. Guildford like most towns has its fair share of food retail catering premises such as take aways, restaurants, sandwich shops and coffee bars. At PEST UK we have a number of Pest Control Contracts in Guildford and the surrounding area.

We have a local office, which can be found at-

PEST UK (Guildford & Godalming)
14 London Rd
United Kingdom
Phone: 01483 789785

We are a full member of the BPCA and all our technicians are fully qualified to handle all pests. As we are one of the smaller members of the BPCA we are able to offer customers all the benefits  of membership, but at a much-reduced rate.

We can be contacted day or night and our phones will always be answered by a person never a machine.

Rodent Proofing

At this time of year with the cold weather rodents are seen more often within offices and homes as they look for somewhere to nest in the winter months. Once a rodent problem has been identified and treated it may be best to look at proofing your property against  further rodents entering the building.

Rats and mice may travel some distance undetected through cavity walls, soffits and loft spaces before coming to an area where they are seen, heard or droppings, smells or damage are found. They may be entering a row of terraced houses several properties away from where they are actually appearing. The route into a building may be subterranean.

In many cases blocking access points externally is not possible so proofing individual houses or rooms is the answer. If an area is boxed off then holes and gaps around pipes are often left open by builders as they are not seen but which allow access by rodents.

Kitchens, lofts and bathrooms are the rooms with the most utilities in (kitchens have food as well) so these are the rooms in a dwelling that rodents will have easiest access to once they are in the structure of the building.

Our technicians can quote for any proofing job you require.


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