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How to Get Rid of Fleas

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How to get rid of Fleas

PESTUK customers suffering from fleas often ask us how to get rid of fleas. If you are experiencing bites concentrated on the lower leg area this is a good indication that it is fleas.

These bites can occur on other parts of the body, especially on children as they are often nearer the ground and more likely to be playing or lying on the carpeted areas. Different people react in different ways to bites. Some experience itching, swelling, some do not. Some people will react immediately to bites others it may take several hours. You may see fleas in the carpet or on your pet. The infestation may have been caused by your own animals, or by a visiting animal. The problem may even have come from a previous occupants animals if in a rented or newly purchased home. How to get rid of Fleas

Treatment of Fleas

Flea treatments will only work if proper preparation is carried out. The floor area of the house should be vacuumed, particular attention should be paid to the edges of carpets at the floor/wall join. Underneath static furniture and under beds & any resting and sleeping areas of pets. If available, the bedding of the pet should be replaced, washed or failing these very thoroughly sprayed. Baskets must also be treated thoroughly. The vacuum bag must be removed after this & placed in an outside bin. The pet should be treated with a formulation to treat fleas on an animal such as a flea collar, powder, spray or formulation such as Frontline.

Once this preparation has been done we will treat all floor areas & some times furniture with a residual insecticide. All insecticides that we use are biodegradable, almost odourless, non tainting & do not corrode or stain. They are not highly toxic towards mammals but are extremely so to all forms of crawling and flying public health pests.


PESTUK are full members of the BPCA, the governing body for pest control in the UK. Using a BPCA member company ensures you have a qualified, fully insured company treating your pest problem.

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