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Can Bugs Survive the Winter?

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Can bugs survive the winter?

Now Winter is seemingly behind us, there’s one question on a lot of our minds. Can bugs survive the Winter? The answer is yes, however there are a number of ways that they do so. Some will have laid eggs that will hatch once the temperatures increase enough for them. some insects have a manner of hibernation known as diapause.

Can bugs survive the winter?

How do they survive?

Some species of adult insects are able to survive winter within a dormant state. They will enter a state of suspended animation. They will find shelter in peoples homes, in holes in trees, in piles of dead leaves or under logs and stones.

Like mammals, these insects enter a state of inactivity. Their metabolism begins to slow and their temperature drops while their heart rate slows. Some insects produce anti-freeze like chemicals that enable them to prevent a build up of ice. Which can destroy the insects delicate tissues. However in very low temperatures, these chemicals can fail and the insect will be killed by ice.Can bugs survive the winter?

Insects that survive the winter

Some of the insects that will survive the winter months include-

  • cluster flies- communal nesting areas for adults before they mate in spring
  • Queen wasps/bees- new Queens will leave the old nest and will over winter until the next year where they will begin their own nests.
  • harlequin ladybirds- communal nesting areas for adults before they mate in spring
  • ants- colonies will restlessly hibernate until the spring
  • flies- most spend the winter in cracks and crevices until spring when they will begin the task of laying eggs.
  • brown tail moths- communal nests where the caterpillars will over winter in a group


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