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Pest Control In Ascot

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The PEST UK Pest Control Ascot office is run by our longest serving pest control technician, Steve Tiller.

The pest control office is situated in a leafy lane with a mix of small shops and offices. Ascot is next to Windsor Great Park & Wentworth Golf Course and Ascot Race Course. It is quite a wealthy area with many fine houses and estates. Foreign Royalty as well as our own live in the area. Much of the land is owned by The Crown.


The racecourse employs over 70 full time members of staff, which increases to 6,000 during the annual Royal Ascot Week which can see up to 300,000 attendees over the five days of racing and it is considered a major event in the British social calendar and Queen Elizabeth II attends every year with other members of the royal family.

Culture and Community

Ascot racecourse annually holds the Royal Ascot race week, but also holds 9 of the 32 events for horse racing across the UK. Founded in 1711 by Queen Anne, Her Majesty’s Plate, worth 100 guineas, was open to any horse over the age of six. Each horse was required to carry a weight of 12 stone and seven runners took part. This race had little resemblance to the races of modern times as it was English hunter breeds instead of modern thoroughbreds. There were three separate heats each four miles long and were more a contest of stamina.


Ascot lies between the M4 and the M3 motorways with the A329 connecting both roads.
Ascot railway station is operated by and all trains serving it are South West Trains. The station has three tracks and four platforms. The tracks are all bi directional and the London bound track uses Platform 1.

The station was opened in 1856 by the Staines, Wokingham and Woking junction Railway. Later the London & South Western Railway took over ownership and they opened the Ascot Race platform, or Ascot West in 1922. British Rail closed the line in 1965.

Ascot is served by trains running from London Waterloo and Reading, a basic service runs every 30 minutes from Monday to Sunday. During Royal Ascot the number of trains is greatly increased.


Of the senior schools in the area there are a number of girls schools, including Heathfield School, St George’s School and St Mary’s School. The local secondary school in nearby Sunningdale, Charters School which opened in 1958 for just 400 pupils, gained its name due to being built on part of the grounds of the former home of Montague Burton. The schools badge, a red cross and a dagger, comes from the opening day of the school. This was St Georges day and Shakespeare’s birthday.


Ascot United was founded in 1965 by a men’s team that played at Sunninghill and within three seasons they had gained permission from the Ascot Racecourse Trustees to convert land north of coach park 10 into a football pitch with a wooden clubhouse. In 2006 the senior team were champions of the Reading Senior League, and promoted to the Hellenic League 1st Div East and finished 4th in their first season in this League.

Arana Ascot Hockey Club was founded in 1994 with a home ground at Olearia Street, Everton Hills. they have teams in all age groups from under 7 to Junior Turf. Due to expansion the team moved to its new home ground at Tramway St Ferry Grove.

Arana Ascot is strongly affiliated with Ascot Women’s Hockey Club who fielded 8 teams in the senior BWHA competition.

Pest Control in Ascot

PEST UK have many pest control clients in the area: Private and state Schools, a Stud Farm, a Brewery, Polo Centre, Private Housing complexes, a Recycling Plant, Restaurants and Private Domestic Houses. Some have pest control contracts and some call us on a regular basis to deal with the ‘normal’ pest control problems that include: ants, bees, bed bugs, cluster flies, rats, mice, squirrels, cockroaches, wasps, wasp nests, hornets, birds and other pest control pest problems. Ascot is a small wealthy town that does not suffer from rat problems associated with old or broken sewers in some towns.

There is a railway line that runs through Ascot which does create pest control problems around that area in the form of rats and mice (& to a lesser extent squirrels and some insects). This is because railway lines provide food and shelter for rats and mice as well as a route through Ascot.

The town is split into 3 parts, Ascot, South Ascot and North Ascot. Many people commute into London or Reading for work from the train station which runs to Waterloo in London.

Some of the pests we deal with:
RatsYou may see rats during daylight hours but they prefer to operate at night.
AntsWorker ants will frequently enter dwellings foraging for food, particularly sweet substances.
CockroachesCockroaches are mainly nocturnal so they are more likely to be seen at night.
SquirrelsThe most common complaint about Squirrels is when they take residence in a loft space.
MiceYou may see, hear or smell a mouse problem or see other evidence such as burrowing in insulation or soil.
WaspsWasps are aggressive and will sting readily if they think the nest is in danger.

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