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How do I get rid of pests in Ottershaw?

PEST UK are a fully insured, independent pest control company and offer a prompt response within 24-hours. Our professionally trained and qualified technicians follow the BPCA Codes of Best Practice. We provide safe, legal and effective pest control services for homes and business premises.

The office in Ottershaw is run by Thomas Hamm, one of our pest control technicians. The most common pest problems we deal with are ants, bees, bed bugs, fleas, rats, mice, squirrels, cockroaches, wasps & wasp nests, hornets, bird & pigeon proofing.

We have vast experience in controlling pests in a variety of commercial situations

  • pubs, restaurants and hotels
  • school, college and university buildings
  • farms and stables
  • offices
  • factories
  • housing estates and apartment buildings
  • shops

We offer tailor-made pest control contracts for domestic and commercial premises. A contract provides the simplest way to proof against and deter pests. As a result you can avoid costly damage to your property and the spread of disease.

About Ottershaw

Ottershaw is a village in the Runnymede district of Surrey, about 20 miles south-west of London. It is close to Addlestone, Chertsey, West Byfleet and Sheerwater. The entire Ottershaw area was originally heathland in Chertsey Common which was part of Windsor Forest. The payment of tithes was to the manor of Chertsey Beomond as a result of a dispute in the 13th century between the Abbot of Chertsey Abbey and Rector of Walton on Thames that went all the way to the Pope in Rome.

During the 16th century small farms were established – Brox, Bousley, Potters Park and Spratts. These remained as farms until the 19th century when they became nurseries supplying vegetables and cut flowers to London. Anningsley and Ottershaw were originally farms rebuilt as country houses and parks in the 16th and 17th centuries.

It was not until 1864 that the hamlets of Chertsey Lane End, Brox and Spratts joined to become the village with the name Ottershaw, derived from the estate of that name. The small daub/stone labourers’ cottages in the hamlets had had to be rebuilt frequently, hence there are few truly old buildings in the village. More dwellings were built after the village was established. Sir Thomas Edward Colebrooke, who bought Ottershaw Park in 1859, provided sufficient land from his estate for a church, churchyard and vicarage. He paid all the construction costs and endowed the church with £100 per year. The church was consecrated in 1864 as Christ Church; its architect was Sir Gilbert Scott.

After World War 2, O1ttershaw experienced steady growth with modern houses being built along the roads and on the former nursery land. Today it is a mixture of London commuter belt and a retirement settlement.

In the book The War of the Worlds by H G Wells, the fictional narrator is invited to an observatory in Ottershaw.

Foxhills Golf Club is on the more rural western side of the area. Set in 400-acres it is now an award-winning country club with two 18-hole Championship courses and a nine-hole course as well as woodland trails. It has expanded to offer over 200 diverse activities and is considered a family-friendly leisure destination. It was built in the 1780s for a politician, Charles James Fox, and his mistress and former courtesan Elizabeth Armistead. It was turned into a golf club in 1975 by its then owners, Aer Lingus. It was further developed into a country club in 1983 when it was sold to Pam and Ian Hayton.

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Some of the pests we deal with:
RatsYou may see rats during daylight hours but they prefer to operate at night.
AntsWorker ants will frequently enter dwellings foraging for food, particularly sweet substances.
CockroachesCockroaches are mainly nocturnal so they are more likely to be seen at night.
SquirrelsThe most common complaint about Squirrels is when they take residence in a loft space.
MiceYou may see, hear or smell a mouse problem or see other evidence such as burrowing in insulation or soil.
WaspsWasps are aggressive and will sting readily if they think the nest is in danger.

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