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Bed Bug Mattress Protector

How to identify a bed bug infestation

Bed bugs often leave little or no trace other than bites. If you suspect that you have a bed bug infestation and need confirmation we recommend you use our non toxic, pesticide and insecticide-free bed bug monitors. Each monitor contains a manufactured pheromone lure to attract the bugs and a pad coated with dry touch, no-mess glue that the bugs stick to after they enter. The monitors last up to 4-weeks.

We can identify the bugs if you email a photo of them stuck to the sticky pad to

The monitors can also be used to assist in mapping the boundaries of a bed bug infestation.

Price for a pack of 20 Trappit bed bug monitors

£27.50 including VAT and delivery

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Bed bug mattress covers to assist in eradicating bed bugs

Over 80% of bed bugs live in and on mattresses. By using a sealable mattress cover that completely encases the mattress as soon as you discover a bed bug infestation, you will isolate the bed bugs already present inside the mattress and they will eventually die. The mattress covers we use are independently laboratory tested and scientifically proven to protect against bed bug entry or escape and biting.

The mattress covers can also be used following treatment for a bed bug infestation. It seals in the bed bugs and stops them biting during the time it takes them to die out after treatment, which can be up to two-weeks. It also prevents new bed bugs from getting onto and into the mattress.

Prices for Protect-A-Bed Aller-Zip mattress covers
from £70.50 including VAT and delivery

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