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Wasps through ceiling

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Wasps through ceilings is a common problem. It usually occurs later in the ‘wasp season’; often in late August, September and October. People phone us in a panic as they have wasps coming through the ceiling and in most cases they are going from the ceiling into a bedroom. I have known people be stung badly in these cases as it sometimes happens at night. They are lost and confused and become aggressive. The reason this happens is that the nest has been sitting on top of the ceiling in the loft and the liquid the nest produces has,  over time, rotted the plaster board which then gives way leaving a hole directly into the nest out of which tumble hundreds of wasps.
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Wasps through ceiling: PEST UK offer a guaranteed treatment in this situation but the ceiling will almost certainly need repairing. This is more common in very old properties that have thin plaster board. Staining will occur some weeks before the nest actually breaks through the ceiling. In most cases the occupier is aware that they have a wasp nest in the loft due to the booing and fringe of wasps and of course the noise. On warm nights wasps will fan the nest to keep it cool and the sound of thousands of wasps fanning the nest makes some noise.
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Treatment of a Wasp Nest

Wasps through ceiling: PEST UK will treat a wasp nest for just £50.00 + VAT (£60.00 inc VAT). We are a full BPCA member company as well as all technicians being in the PROMPT/BASIS scheme. The BPCA Website So you know that if you choose PEST UK to deal with your wasp nest or any pest control problem you are getting a company that has fully qualified staff (and CRB checked) and is fully insured.
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