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Trainee Pest Control Technician (Harrow area)

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Trainee Pest Control Technician (Harrow area)

PESTUK are looking for trainees with a view to servicing Harrow and surrounding areas. Full training will be given with a daily rate of £50 per day being paid while training. The training period will be based in the Reading area with a view to being operational in most aspects of pest control within 4 weeks. A short time after the training period and having  attended various pest control training courses we would put the trainee forward for the BPCA qualification.

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Job Description (Once Training period is over)

Once the trainee has gained the BPCA qualification, he or she will be expected to start working independently.   This role is very different to ‘normal’ pest control jobs. The successful candidate will bee xpected to provide their own van. Please do not apply unless you have or will purchase a reliable van and have read the job description below.
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This is the way our Pest Control Technicians work:

At PEST UK our pest control technicians are unique. We (PESTUK) supply the work (either ‘one off’ jobs &/or pest control contracts) and the technicians take 50% of the fee! If the technicians bring in their ‘own’ work then this rises to 75%. Our technicians are extremely well paid and self motivated. We have a system where the pest control technicians run their own Ltd company, so you pay less tax by claiming for protective clothing, telephone bills, gas, electric bills etc. You get better paid and generally have more spare time when it is needed. We can offer the position as a regular employee but rates would be lower to reflect this. Setting up a limited company is a relatively simple process which we can help with – it is very similar to a franchise but without the up front costs and with job security as well as a regular income.

Pest ControlAnts BPCA

Pest ControlAnts BPCA

PESTUK believe that the people who work for the company should benefit from any success. This is why we pay the pest control technicians the way we do.

Job Security

PESTUK was established in 1989. Currently we now have 12 technicians. During that time no one has been made redundant due to lack of work, recession, company re organisation or take over. Whenever a downturn has taken place the income may drop but never are jobs lost. Some of our technicians have been with us for over 20 years.

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What the Pest Control Technician provides

The Trainee Pest Control Technician supplies their own van (sign written, which the company will pay for) & ladder with PEST UK supplying all of the other equipment.

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What PEST UK Provide

PESTUK supply the jobs to the Trainee Pest Control Technician, who carries out the work and then receives a percentage of the moneys earned from that job. The rate is standard for each job completed.

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Earnings can be extremely high in the Summer (up to £7000.00 + per month) but lower (depending on workload) in the Winter months. Yearly earnings can work out quite high, approx. 35-50k +. The existing technicians are probably the highest paid in the country. Earnings do vary from year to year. PEST UK covers Central Southern England with some contracts in the West Country. Where possible the jobs are grouped together and  operators kept in a particular area. Treatments involve rodents, insects,  some mammals and some proofing. The bulk of the work is domestic treatments and contract work. The actual way the treatments are carried out will not be described in detail here but they follow the BPCA and COSHH guidelines and must be obeyed at all times. The wearing of protective clothing and all other safety measures etc. are to be strictly adhered to. Technicians are allocated contracts which are serviced at set intervals. These contracts supply regular work & income throughout the year.

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PESTUK operate 8.00 am to 1800 hrs Winter & 8.00 am to 19.00 hrs Summer, Monday to Friday. (you are not expected to work all these hours!) We operate Weekends & Bank Holidays, these days are shared out between the technicians. Flexibility is a key factor, there is plenty of scope for time off except in these busier months but as we are a small team it can be difficult to have time off should another technician be off. This job is much better paid than most PCO’s and for most of the year working less hours & with a great deal of independence within the PEST UK guide lines but in return we expect loyalty and honesty.

You may talk to our existing technicians to get their opinions, contact details can be obtained at the interview.

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If you have any questions or would like an information form then please telephone: 0118 9505775


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