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Spider season: how to prevent them entering your home

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As the days shorten and the weather gets colder and wetter, Autumn marks the start of spider season in the UK. It’s at this time of year that spiders are looking for places to shelter and stay warm. That might mean inside your home. Here are our top ten tips to prevent them from entering your home during spider season.


Spider prevention tips

  1. Strong smells – Strong smells are a natural way to deter spiders from entering your home. Smells such as lemon, lime, oranges, anything with a strong citrus aroma, help repel spiders. Also, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, or peppermint oil. Vinegar is another strong scent to help repel spiders, but most people aren’t too keen on vinegar lingering around their homes. Rub or spray around window sills and doors with these scents to help prevent spiders from entering.
  2. Cats and dogs – Most cats and dogs enjoy a game of chase when they spot a spider. Although pets won’t eliminate an entire infestation, they will help get rid of the odd few around the house.
  3. Keep windows shut at night – Most spiders are nocturnal, so keep windows and doors closed while you sleep to prevent them from getting into your home at night.
  4. Keep the lights down – Just like moths, spiders are drawn to light, so turn outside lights off when you’re not using them and keep doors and windows closed or blinds shut when the lights are on inside.
  5. Clear the clutter – Spiders like to lay low in places that are out of sight. They love hiding in boxes and packages while they wait for their prey. Keep your home tidy and free of clutter that could encourage spiders to take residence. 
  6. Get rid of webs – Check your rooms regularly, particularly corners, for spider webs and remove them where ever you find them. 
  7. Limit access to food – Remove any dead flies or other creepy crawlies from doorways and window sills as these look like a tasty treat to spiders.
  8. Vacuum regularly – Vacuum regularly and thoroughly, taking special care in awkward spots behind cupboards, in dark corners, and under sofas where spiders like to hide.
  9. Fill gaps – Check that there are no gaps or cracks – even tiny ones – in walls, pipework, doors, door frames, and windows. Seal or fill any cracks to prevent spiders from moving into them.
  10. Conkers – An old wives’ tale tells that apparently, spiders don’t like conkers. While there’s no evidence to back this up a row of conkers on the window sill still makes a festive autumn decoration.

If you do see a spider in the house, put a container over it, scoop it up with a card, and put it outside.

If you’re having a major problem with spiders, we do offer treatment. Give our team a call for some help and advice. Learn more about how we treat spiders here



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