KC96 Rabbit Drop Box


The KC96 Rabbit Drop Box is capable of catching up to 20 rabbits in a single setting. It is made out of hard wearing reinforced fibreglass. A durable weldmesh cage sits beneath the tipping mechanism to contain the rabbits . The balance system automatically resets itself after each catch. An inspection hatch allows you to see what you have caught without having to open the trap, and any non-target species can be quickly and simply released. Once the rabbit drop box has been installed, it will last for many years with little maintenance required. It is important to lock the trapping mechanism for a few days so that rabbits get used to using it before you set it. This can lead to big catches with very little effort. Rabbit drop boxes should always be used in conjunction with rabbit netting, which will channel them through the tunnel and force them to use the trap.

£477.00 including VAT

Shipping £10.00

We always recommend using a trained PEST UK technician.