Flies & Electric Fly Killers

Electronic Fly Killers (EFKs) have a place in commercial kitchens and some domestic situation but screening and insecticide treatments are generally more effective especially where house flies are concerned. Pest UK have selected what we consider to be the most effective EFKs from the vast range available. Should you have any different requirements then please give us an e mail or phone. If you require an insecticide treatment then we recommend this is carried out by a professional but if you wish to try to flies yourself then here are some products. The insecticides used by Pest UK Technicians are not for sale to the general public, they are for professional use only. The products we sell are for ‘amateur’ use but can still be dangerous to people and other animals if used incorrectly. At Pest UK we also offer a guarantee on our treatments. If you wish to try yourself then here are some products.