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Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Death watch beetles

Frequently asked questions about death watch beetles:

Adult deathwatch beetles can be killed using an insecticide spray. Timber, where deathwatch beetles can be found, will need to be protected during this process too with a timber spray.

Deathwatch beetles are not dangerous.

You can hear deathwatch beetles, they make a tapping noise when the males and females are communicating with each other.

Deathwatch beetles are small beetles, up to 2cm long, and are dark in colour. They can be found in timber, especially old oak timber.

Deathwatch beetles live inside wood for up to 6 years but adults only live a few weels.

To kill wood-boring beetle larvae you need to treat the timber with an insecticide spray.

Deathwatch beetle larvae can be found inside timber.

Deathwatch beetles make a clicking or tapping noise when males and females communicate.