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Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Brown rats

Frequently asked questions about brown rats:

Brown rats are dangerous as they carry disease and can post a fire hazard through gnawing of wires.

You can get rid of brown rats by eliminating the food source then using poison treatment. Traps are not as effective as poison as they will not target the root of the infestation.

Brown rats will eat almost anything but prefer foods of high-calorie content.

Black rats are very rare in the UK and usually only found in port areas. Black rats are smaller and more agile than the brown rat. Brown rats are common across the UK.

Rats will hide away to die in their burrows or wherever they are living.

Brown rats do carry diseases, such as Weil’s Disease, Salmonella, Rat Bite Fever and many more.

Traps will kill a rat instantly however traps will not tackle an entire infestation.

Rats hate predators and humans.

You should be worried if you see a rat in your garden as it indicates an infestation, especially during daylight hours as it means lots more rats are living in the area.

A rat may bite you if you attempt to pick it up.

A rat will eat a dead rat if it is very hungry and food is limited.