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Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Black rats

Frequently asked questions about black rats:

Black rats are not usually found in the UK but when they are, they are restricted to port areas.

All rats pose a risk to human health by carrying life-threatening diseases.

Hence the name, black rats are darker in colour than brown rats. Black rats are also smaller than brown rats with longer tails and more suited to climbing.

Black rats are rare in the UK.

Black rats are unlikely to bite unprovoked. Black rats may bite if you grabbed hold of one.

Black rats are often only sighted in port areas. Sighting usually signifies more rats nearby.

Rats hate predators and humans.

Traps will kill a rat instantly however traps will not tackle an entire infestation.

A combination of proofing, poison and sufficient hygiene measures will get rid of and prevent black rats.

Black rats carry diseases such as Weil’s Disease and Salmonella.

Predators such as cats, dogs, birds of prey, foxes, and stotes will eat black rats.