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Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ants

Frequently asked questions about ants:

Remove the food source if possible and use baits and/or insecticide.

Water, shelter, and food sources will attract ants into your home. Ants are particularly fond of sweet substances.

Ants live in nests which are usually in dry areas outside the house or under walls to patios. Infestations found inside often come from nests outside.

Ants live in nests that are usually in a dry sheltered place. They don’t normally live inside houses or buildings but may forage into buildings for food, water and/or shelter.

Ants will ‘swarm’, this is often on warm humid days when the new queens and drones leave the nest and mate with other queens and drones from different nests.

In the winter. Even then they may come back. Ants leave pheromone trails that other ants follow. They may be followed by ants from many different nests.

No, unless they drown in it.

It is rarely possible to get rid of ants permanently. You can permanently treat a single nest however it is likely that the area will be reoccupied in the future. Ants found in the home will have come from more than one nest so treating a single nest is unlikely to be effective in this instance.

Having ants does not mean your house is dirty however they will feed on any food or liquid spillages, as well as grease.

Ants do not and cannot scream. They do not have any vocal cords.

Ants cannot live in your body.

Dead ants may attract other ants through pheromones released upon their death.