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Woodlice are a Harmless Nuisance

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We need to get rid of woodlice when they invade our homes in large numbers.

Are woodlice dangerous?

Woodlice are completely harmless. They don’t sting, bite or transmit any disease and they don’t cause damage to home furnishings or structural materials.

How do woodlice get into our homes?

Woodlice usually find their way into our homes by accident as they aren’t attracted to our food, nor are they seeking shelter as they like humid conditions. They gain access to our homes through air vents or gaps around doors and windows.

Why are woodlice a nuisance?

Once inside our homes, woodlice can be very annoying. They wander around the floor and if they get crushed on a carpet they leave a stain. They often die because the conditions are too dry. They become wedged between the carpet and skirting board which can make them very difficult to remove. Woodlice can be a problem in the garden because they eat young seedlings and ripening strawberries.

What are woodlice?

Woodlice are crustaceans so they’re related to prawns, lobsters and crabs. They measure between 12mm and 15mm in length and their exoskeleton resembles armour plating. They have 11 body segments, 14 legs and are able to roll up into a ball, usually when they are in danger. They need a humid environment so they usually live in damp, dark places, feeding mostly on decaying vegetable matter, dead insects and fungi.

What are woodlice good for?

Woodlice are beneficial to gardens as they clear up rotting leaves and debris to produce compost and overturn the soil.

How to get rid of woodlice?

PEST UK use a biodegradable insecticide because it doesn’t harm mammals or humans, it’s almost odourless, non tainting and does not corrode or stain. It is applied to the infested and surrounding areas

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