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Which Pest Controller?

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Which Pest Controller

Which Pest Controller should I use? There is plenty of choice out there but a massive difference in price and quality of service. Often the first choice people make is to go to their local council.
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Council Pest Control

Council Pest Control is not cheap! Many councils (especially the London ones) are almost double the price and as a cost exercise unless you are on benefits and qualify for subsidised pest control it is not worth calling the council. Even if you are in Council Housing if you call the council for pest control help, you may end up paying a lot more for a poorer service. The service obtained from the council pest control departments is often far inferior than the private equivalent. They often won’t use ladders, they don’t work evenings, weekends, bank holidays or early mornings plus many other ‘restrictive practices’ common with councils.

 Rats and Mice in cold wether feeding in a kitchen in Hounslow

Rats and Mice in cold wether feeding in a kitchen in Hounslow

Private Companies

There are many private companies. As far as the public is concerned there are BPCA member companies and those that are not. There are a couple of other organisations similar to the BPCA (the NPTA) but no other pest control related organisation physically audits member companies. If you choose a BPCA member company then you know that the technicians will be:
CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) checked.
Fully insured
British Pest Control Association Members are also members of PROMPT/BASIS which ensures that the pest control technician has regular refresher training.
BPCA Member companies are independently audited every 2 years.
There are many thousands of private pest control companies that are not in the BPCA. Many are good, many are not. Using them is a risk.
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Summary of Which Pest Controller?

The bottom line is that Council Pest Control is not good value and generally poor quality and be careful when choosing a private company, always go for a BPCA member company.
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