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What You Didn’t Know About Feeding Birds

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What You Didn’t Know About Feeding Birds

Many people enjoy feeding birds in their gardens. There are a number of reasons why people choose to feed birds. Some people do it to be helpful to the birds. Feeding birds will help them survive in harsher weather and also ensure they have food for their chicks in spring.  Some people do it for the pleasure of having birds in their gardens. Sadly, what you didn’t know about feeding birds is that this can cause problems.


While many types of birds will benefit from bird feeders and will be pleasant to view, pigeons can also be attracted and can cause problems. Their roosting on guttering and other areas around the home can lead to bird droppings staining patios and glass.  Pigeons have even learnt that solar panels provide a safe place to nest. PEST UK technicians can help by removing nests and pigeons and provide proofing for solar panels and for gutters and other areas around your home.


Where bird food is left on a bird table or hanging in a bird feeder some can be scattered down on to the floor or is easily reached with climbing. This source of protein is ideal for rats and can lead to them nesting near by. Rats carry diseases and can breed very fast if given ample food and a water supply.What You Didn't Know About Feeding Birds


Areas where birds are feeding can attract squirrels. If the bird feeder is too close to a nest area the squirrel might also steal the birds eggs, as well as feeding on the protein rich bird food. The squirrel may then also claim territory and become a nuisance and cause damage to a loft. Squirrels are clumsier than rats and mice and can be quite loud while moving about at night.

What You Didn't Know About Feeding BirdsPESTUK

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