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What Pests To Expect At A BBQ

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The British summer is unpredictable. We can’t always predict warm weather and sunny skies. But what is guaranteed is that as soon as the sun comes out the BBQs begin. Summer is a very active time for pests and BBQs can often attract many different insects and rodents. We’ve listed some of the most common BBQ pests and how to not let them ruin a day in the sun.



Firstly, one of the most common BBQ pests – wasps. Wasps are attracted to scents from food and drink, so they love a BBQ. These small creatures are not only a nuisance by turning up uninvited, but their stings can be painful, and even fatal. High wasp activity may indicate to a wasp nest nearby. If you think you have a wasp nest, do not attempt to remove it yourself. Call a professional to treat the nest. Our technicians at PEST UK can often come out the same day so your summer activities don’t have to be cut short. During a BBQ, use transparent glasses and cups instead of cans and bottles, and keep lids on sauces and condiments. This stops wasps hiding in them and can prevent some very nasty and unexpected stings!



Although mosquitoes are thought to be less common in the UK, they are often found near water sources or during a heatwave. With more and more people taking to the riverside and lakes sporting disposable BBQs, there is a chance that you may bump into these pests. Mosquitoes are most active in the morning and at dusk. If you are planning a BBQ for the evening at home, adorn your deck or patio with citronella candles, to help minimise the presence of mosquitoes in the area. Additionally, you can wear long sleeves and trousers to avoid being bitten.



The humidity of summer, as well as access to food and water sources, allows flies to thrive. As one of the most hated insects, no one wants to spend their BBQ swatting away pesky flies from their meal. We suggest keeping all food and beverages in sealed containers. This prevents flies from landing on food and contaminating it. With guests coming in and out of your house, make sure the doors close behind them. This can help reduce flies from entering your property. Additionally, remove or drain standing water sources, including birdbaths or garden ponds in your garden. This may result in them becoming a breeding ground for filter flies, mosquitoes, and other pests. If you think you have a fly infestation, call a reputable pest control company to treat the area. Home remedies, such as hanging bags of water and essential oils, are proven to be not as effective.



Not many would consider rats as BBQ pests to look out for however, while rats are not usually seen at BBQs, they often stay around for the after-party. Leftover food and waste from BBQs can attract rats to your garden or home. It is important to clean up any rubbish or food to prevent rats from setting up residency in your home and creating an infestation. Like flies, rats can contaminate food and surfaces. It is important to keep food covered and sealed to prevent contamination.



Finally, ants are another pest that can ruin a BBQ. They are attracted to drinks spillages and food crumbs, particularly the sweet and sugary kind. It is important that you clean up any spills and pick up any dropped food to prevent attracting nearby ants. You should also rinse all bottles and cans, and dispose of them quickly. If you are seeing a large number of ants in your garden, you likely have an ants nest nearby. While they do not pose a health risk (unlike flies), their appearance in large numbers can be a nuisance and they may make their way into your home. At PEST UK we treat ants nests with a biodegradable insecticide and we can often come out the same day.



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