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Wasps & Hibernation:
Mel (she is our only lady pest control technician) got us to write to one of her customers, she had told them verbally and written on the pest control report (that we leave with every contract customer) but she was so concerned about this issue that she wanted a letter as well. The issue was Weils Disease. The customer was a flooded Nursery School and as there was a history of rat problems on the site she was worried that the children may contract Weils Disease. This disease is transmitted in rat and mouse urine via water. If contaminated water is consumed or gets onto scratches or cuts it can infect the person. Weils disease can be treated using particular anti biotics but it is hard to detect (flu like symptoms) and unless treated with the correct drugs early enough can lead to liver failure and even death. Many people in the UK die from this disease every year. We wrote a letter advising the Nursery School to keep the children away from water and damp areas outside. Areas such as lofts, sheds and inside areas can be treated with a disinfectant to kill Weils disease. This is best done once the rat or mouse infestation has been eliminated and is a service that us at PEST UK do provide.
This month has supplied a steady stream of bed bug jobs with rat enquiries being the most numerous followed by mice, a couple of mole jobs and one rabbit gassing job. This month so far we haven’t carried out any wasp nest removal or wasp fogging jobs but we have had several phone calls from people asking why they have large wasps or hornets in their lofts. The Queen Wasps are ready to emerge from hibernation and this can be set off by artificial light and or fluctuations in temperature.
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