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Water Damage Caused by Squirrels

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Water Damage Caused by Squirrels

I was called out a few years ago to deal with a squirrel problem in a loft of a house in Lower Earley. It was a very cold Winters day. I arrived and the upstairs was a mess, the ceiling had caved in, there had been a flood, water had come through the ceiling. The loft hatch was already open and there was a plumber in the loft trying to find the source of the leak. He was looking for a burst pipe or a leak but all the pipes were ok and the water system seemed to be working normally. He was stumped so I carried on with the squirrel treatment.

As I investigated I realised that the squirrel was the cause of the water damage. The cold water tank was lagged and the squirrel had made a hole on the lagging on the top of the water tank. Once the squirrel was in it’s nest (in the lagging on top of the water tank), the extra weight of the squirrel held the stop cock down causing the water to carry on flowing (even though the tank was full) eventually the water spilled out of the top of the tank causing the flooding. As soon as anyone entered the loft to investigate the squirrel departed and the water system functioned normally.

I also know of a squirrel causing a power cut. This was told to me by some one else but I believe it to be true. A family had gone on holiday and some how a squirrel had got into the house (probably down a chimney), when they returned the power was off and there was a dead squirrel still holding on to the microwave electric cable. It had attempted to chew the cable and been electrocuted!

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