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Wasps in March

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Wasps in March

Wasps in March are Queens. Normally during March the Queen wasps should still be in hibernation. Artificial heat and or light generated by a house may pull the Queen wasps out of hibernation sooner than is natural. All wasps present in March are Queens, they are fertile females. The other two forms of wasp that are present only in late Spring, Summer and Autumn are workers (sterile females) and Drones (males). Their are no active wasp nests in March. Any wasp nests found in March are old nests that have finished. All wasp nests start in the Spring and finish in the Autumn/early Winter. Controlling and eliminating wasps in March is harder than controlling or treating a wasp nest in the Summer. This is because with wasps in March you are often dealing with lots of hibernating Queen wasps spread out over a large area where as in the Summer all the wasps will generally be in one place (the wasp nest), so dealing with this will mean an application of insecticide to one place instead of spread out over a wide area. The other problem is that in the Summer the wasps are fully active where as wasps in March may still be in a semi state or actually in hibernation which means their metabolism is slow meaning the uptake of any insecticide may take some time.
Pest Control Wasps in March
Treating Wasps in March

PESTUK can help with this. Although treatments of wasps in March has problems (see above) we can apply a safe residual insecticide by fog, residual spray and/or dust to loft spaces, wall, ceilings and voids that will kill any Queen wasps that come into contact with the treated surfaces.

An old nest

An old nest

Prices for treating Wasps in March

Prices for a combined wasp treatment start at £65.00 + VAT, depending on the size of the house. Our technicians will always advise on price before commencing work.

To book a wasp pest control treatment or free advice on wasp problems then please call PESTUK: 0330 100 2811 (local rate) or 0800 026 0308 (free from land lines & some mobiles).


We recommend using a pest control specialist for wasp nest removal but if you are in a remote area or just prefer doing it yourself we offer wasp and fly traps for sale.
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Look at advice from the BPCA: Wasp Information from the BPCA


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