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Wasps in Gardens

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Wasps are now a nuisance in gardens. Now the school holidays are here people are spending more time in their gardens. As well as natural foods such as pollen from flowers, caterpillars, insects and flies gardens can now be a source of ‘human’ food. Wasps are adaptable and will eat a wide range of sugary or high protein foods. Just because you have a lot of wasps in your garden does not mean you have a wasp nest. Wasps will travel over a mile to a good food source and in most cases you are dealing with wasps from many nests, not just from the wasp nest that is the closest. The majority of wasp nests are in buildings, generally at gutter level. Look for a place where wasps are ‘going in and out’ of a hole, this is where the nest will be. If wasp nest cannot be located then removing the food source will reduce the number of wasps in a garden. They may not just be coming into a garden for food. They may be collecting water or nesting material. The nesting material is normally chewed up wood gathered from older fences or garden furniture. Tree bark is also sometimes used. A lot of the time there is no way to remove a food or nesting material (such as a large tree contains aphids or caterpillars or fencing) so the use of wasp traps may be needed. Please see our page on wasps traps. Wasp Traps
Wasps in Gardens
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Wasps in Gardens: PEST UK cover a wide area of England including Berkshire (Reading, Newbury, Windsor & Maidenhead), Middlesex, (Harrow, Hounslow, Ealing, Feltham, Edgware, Uxbridge, Northwood, Ruislip, West Drayton) Surrey, (Guildford, Egham, Woking, Camberley Oxfordshire (Henley, Wallingford, Didcot), Hampshire (Basingstoke, Aldershot, Winchester Andover, Whitchurch), Buckinghamshire, (Amersham, Beaconsfield, High Wycombe, Burnham, Gerrards Cross Farnham Common) & West London.

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Wasps in Gardens


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