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Wasps in February

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Wasps in February

At PEST UK we have been receiving an unusually large number of enquirers regarding wasps in February. This is unusual as wasps in February should still be in hibernation. It may be that the uneasily warm Winter weather has effected their hibernation cycles. It is only the Queen Wasps that are alive at this time of year. All other forms of wasps (the Drones and workers) die off in the Autumn and early Winter. Any wasp nests now are ‘old’ nests and are not active nor will they be inhabited. We often get calls from people wishing to have old wasp nests removed and of course we will do this but generally it isn’t needed and serves no purpose. The Queen wasps that are present at the moment do not inhabit a nest in fact they will attempt to start a nest in the Spring once they come out of hibernation (usually April, depending on the weather).
Pest Control Wasps in February
Treatment for Wasps in February

This can be done but treatment for wasps in February is more complex than treating a wasp nest in the Summer. This is because a wasp nest is in a fixed location and can’t move and the wasps are fully active so an application of insecticide can wipe out a wasp nest in a matter of hours. Dealing and treating sing Queen wasps in February is a bit different. First the Queen wasps will be spread out over a wide area and secondly the metabolism of the wasps will be slow, leading to a slow uptake of insecticide and dining may take a while. So a wasp treatment in February will reduce but not fully eliminate the wasp problem and may take some time to work. It may also be slightly more expensive as insecticide may be applied to a wider area, probably using an insecticide fogger, an insecticide smoke generator, a residual insecticide spray or a combination.
Wasps in February
Prices for treating Wasps in February

For a ‘normal’ 3 be house prices are usually £65 + VAT to £100 + VAT. The pest control technician will always discus prices and get agreement before proceeding with any treatment.
To book a treatment for wasps in February, any other pest control issue or free advice then please call us at PEST UK: 0330 100 2811 (local rate) or 0800 026 0308 (free from land lines & some mobiles).


We recommend using a pest control specialist for wasp nest removal but if you are in a remote area or just prefer doing it yourself we offer wasp and fly traps for sale.
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