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Wasps in February

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Wasps in February

We have been receiving a large number of calls about wasps in February so far this year. This is unusual as Queen Wasps should still be in hibernation. It may well be that the warmer weather this winter has affected their hibernation cycles. The only Wasps alive at this time of year are the Queens. All other types of wasps, drones and workers die off in the Autumn and early Winter.

Any wasp nests found now are old nests and are no longer active, which we often get requests to remove and we are able to do, but this is not really needed and does not serve a purpose. Queen wasps that are present at this time don’t inhabit a nest, in fact they will only attempt to start a nest in Spring once they come out of hibernation (usually April, this is dependant on the weather).


Wasps can be treated by PESTUK

Wasps in February can be treated by PESTUK.

Treatment of Wasps

Treatment for wasps in February is more complex than a treatment in Summer. Wasps in summer have one fixed nest that can’t move and the wasps are fully active. An insecticide treatment can wipe out a nest in a matter of hours. In Winter a treatment would involve treating possibly multiple singular Queen wasps spread over a wide area. Also at this time of year their metabolism is considerably slower and the insecticide can take longer to have a full effect and kill them off.

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For more information about wasps please visit the BPCA web site.


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