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Wasps in April

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Wasps in April

By the end of April all the Queen Wasps should be out of hibernation and well on the way to building the nest. April is a crucial time for wasp nests. Long periods of wet, windy weather will kill the Queens and so the nest will die. If the Queen isn’t killed then bad weather may lead to not enough food being collected for the grubs which again will lead to the death of the nest. In loft spaces the golf ball size dead wasp nests can often be seen. The mortality rate for wasp nests in April is extremely high and the weather in April effects the wasp population for the rest of the year. In most years by the end of April the established nests are safe and few die off after the end of April as the Queens remain in the nest while the new workers take over the duties of nest building, rearing of grubs and the collection of food for the Queen and new grubs. The grubs will turn into workers who are sterile females. The Queen is the only female wasp that lays eggs in a wasp colony.
Pest Control Wasps in April
Problems for householders with Wasps in April

Often Queen wasps will be seen emerging from lofts and are a particular problem in suspended ceilings in offices and schools. Unless the nests can be pinpointed often an insecticide ‘blanket’ treatment is the only way to deal with problems with Queen wasps in April. Prices for this type of wasp pest control treatment start at £65.00 + VAT. Treatments such as this will reduce the likelihood of nests later in the year but not completely eliminate the risk.
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For advice on wasps in April, to book a treatment or any pest control matter than please call PEST UK on 0800 026 0308 9free from landlines & most mobiles) or 0330 100 2811 (local rate).


We recommend using a pest control specialist for wasp nest removal but if you are in a remote area or just prefer doing it yourself we offer wasp and fly traps for sale.
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