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Wasps & Hornets in Spring & Winter

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In the Spring the first time of that year that people come into contact with wasps or hornets is when hibernating Queen wasps and hornets come out of hibernation or are disturbed by artificial heat and light sources (if this happens they may think that Spring has come early and come out of hibernation early even in the Winter). Many people wrongly assume that 1. Queen wasps are hornets (this is because they are much larger than ‘normal’ wasps) & 2. that they have a wasp or hornet nest. These Queens are not living in a nest, all the nests have died out in the early Winter, these are fertilised hibernating Queens (either wasps or hornets) that have left the old nest before it dies, dispersed over some distance from the old nest (maybe a few yards but in some cases a few hundred) and gone into hibernation. In the Spring they come out of hibernation and each Queen will attempt (but often fail) to start to build a new nest, lay eggs and continue the lifecycle.
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Treating Queen Wasps & Hornets in Spring & Winter

This is not as easy as treating an active wasp nest in the Summer. This is because there is no nest so rather that concentrate any insecticide in one area (the nest) the insecticide has to be spread over the area where the Queen wasp or hornets are living and causing problems. The other problem is that as the metabolism of these emerging hibernating wasps and hornets is much slower that in the Summer they take longer to absorb the insecticide and longer to die. Any treatments will reduce and not eliminate the problem
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PEST UK have the tools and expertise to deal with this type of problem, we cover all the areas of: Berkshire, North Hampshire, Middlesex, NW Surrey, South Bucks, South Oxfordshire and surrounding areas. Phone 0330 100 2811
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