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Wasp Problems in Winter:
At PEST UK we are getting calls concerning wasps crawling about inside houses in a dopey state. Several customers this week have said that they have been stung. The problem for us and our customers is that the actual nest may be difficult to locate at this time of year. In the Summer and early Autumn there will be evidence of wasps leaving and entering the nest. When the temperature drops the wasps stop flying. Wasps get lost within the building. They get attracted to light and warmth but move very slowly. They get exhausted and disorientated. It is in this state when people get stung. They may sit on a wasp or a wasp may crawl into their bed.
Treatment is not as instant and more complicated than treating a wasp nest in the Summer. In the Summer a nest is treated and all life within the nest will cease in a matter of hours. Not so later in the year. For a start a percentage of the wasps may be out of the nest. A ‘lost’ wasp may take days to return to the nest if lost within the structure (cavity walls etc) of a building. They may even not make it back to the nest. So to deal with these ‘lost’ wasps insecticide has to be applied to areas where they are crawling, usually walls and ceilings. Insecticides take longer to work when the temperature is lower so the wasp nest destruction process will take up to 20 days at this time of year compared with only hours in the Summer.
Wasp Control from PestUK
To summerise, wasp problems are more complicated, take longer to work and more expensive to deal with in the Autumn and early Winter than in the Summer. Judging by the calls we receive at PEST UK it seems that more people get stung at this time of year than in Summer.
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