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Removing Wasp Nests

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Removing Wasp Nests – Are they worth treating or removing in the Autumn?:
It is said that the lifespan of a worker bee when they are working flat out is only six weeks. I am assuming this must be the same or similar for a wasp worker. I would also assume that this must be when the temperature is high and the daylight hours are at there longest, probably late June. As the temperature and daylight hours decrease then the lifespan increases because the insect is less active. I have treated live nests in December. On these occasions the wasps have not been flying but extremely active once the nest was broken open. This would have been a potential danger to anyone working in the loft. If left alone wasp nests will die out. If you have a nest and consider leaving it to die on its own accord then you run the risk of having another (or more) nest the following year. The reason for this is that as the nest dies off the fertile Queens leave the old wasp nest and hibernate. They disperse over quite a wide area. It is assumed up to half a mile but I cannot find any definite answers on this but when a pest control technician is in a loft, perhaps not doing anything related to wasps, he/she may be treating a squirrel, mouse or rat problem and discover hibernating Queens under the insulation in a loft. It is noticeable that if a wasp nest is left to die out then Queens are more prevalent in the loft space.

Should a wasp nest be removed?
I think that old wasp nests should be removed. The reason is that if you require emergency work in a loft, say a burst pipe for example, then a plumber will see an old nest and refuse to work until the nest is sorted. Being trapped in a loft with a wasp nest is not a pleasant experience so you can’t blame people for refusing to work in a confined space with a wasp nest.

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