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Wasp Nests July

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Wasp Nests July:
Wasp Control from PestUKThis time of  year is the most important for pest control companies. The reason is that July is the month when they earn the most money. Some years the turnover at PEST UK in July has been 4 times greater than the lowest earning month (this is usually December).The pest that brings in all this revenue is the treatment of wasp nests. Last July was a disaster. We were all staffed up for a bumper year and had stocks of Ficam D ready (this is the insecticide powder used to treat wasp nests) but it rained from April onwards and didn’t stop. This wet Spring weather killed off all the nests and all the potential earnings. These ‘bad years’ happen from time to time.

Wasp Control from PestUK

PEST UK has been operating since 1989 and I personally have been involved in pest control since 1978 so have seen fluctuations in wasp nest numbers over many years. The main difference with last years lack of wasp nests is that we went so long without one. ‘Bad years’ on average happen every 3-4 years, we haven’t had a year as bad as last year for 10 years. This caught most people in the pest control industry by surprise. The only beneficial aspect for us is that it reduces the competition by either companies going bust or just not getting involved in the wasp nest business. There are many small companies and one man operations that just operate in the Summer taking advantage of the wasp nest season. Some companies rely on the extra income generated in July and without it are in trouble.

GermanWaspAt PEST UK the month of July is going ok, we have already exceeded last years turnover (this happened on the 14th of July) but this July is so far not as good as previous Julys in the past 5 years. The reason for this may be that the season is running late due to the cold Spring or that as there were fewer nests in 2012 there were not enough Queens to start nests this Spring. Only time will tell. These comments only apply to PEST UK’s catchment area of Berkshire, North Hampshire, South Oxfordshire, South Buckinghamshire & North West Surrey.


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