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Wasp Nest Removal

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Wasp Nest Removal & Treatment:
We have just started doing ‘proper’ wasp nest treatments. I mean proper nests that are live and established as opposed to removing old wasp nests, just treating Queen Wasps emerging from hibernation or one of the types of bees (usually Mason, Mining, Honey or Bumble Bees), many call outs that are reported as wasps are often a type of Bee. The question for pest control companies is how many of the wasp nests now started will survive. The weather has been warm, wet and windy. Not great weather for Queen Wasps to fly and forage for food and nesting material (the nest is made from chewed up bark or ‘old’ wood on fences or garden furniture). At this time of year the weather will determine the number of wasp nests that survive.

German Wasp

You will often see ‘failed’ small golf ball size wasp nests in lofts. The vast majority of Wasp Nests started will die off. The later in the year the wasp nest survives the greater the chance the nest has to reach maturity and produce Drones and new Queen Wasps for the following year. At the moment none of the Wasp nests we have dealt with yet have workers. They were either in the process of being built or the first stage was finished with eggs or in some cases grubs. Once the eggs hatch into grubs the Queen Wasp feeds the grubs until after a few weeks (depending on temperature and food supply) hatch into the first batch of workers (the worker Wasps are sterile females). I estimate that the first nests with workers will be starting within the next two weeks. The first batches of worker Wasps are small. This is not because they are babies or young but because the Queen Wasp is feeding this first batch (numbering nine to fifteen) on her own where as later batches have more workers (workers are more efficient at collecting food than the heavier Queen wasp) per grub than the first batch.


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