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Wasp Nest Removal January

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Wasp Nest Removal January:
Although wasps and wasp nests are considered a Summer pest they can actually be a problem throughout the year. In fact more people are stung in the Autumn & Winter than in the Summer. This is due to the fact that the metabolism of the wasps is reduced and they are more likely to crawl than fly which means they will crawl into areas where they can sting people. Wasps are also attracted to artificial light and will get confused by artificial heat and light sources. In the Summer this is a much reduced problem as the days are longer there are less heat sources and as the temperatures are higher the wasps are fully alert and active so do not get lost as easily. Everything wasps do in the Autumn and early Winter takes longer, even dieing. A nest treated in the Autumn or early Winter can take up to ten days to die out where as a wasp nest treated in the Summer can be completely dead within a few hours.
German Wasp
Even once the nest is dead wasps can still cause problems. This is because once the original Queen, Drones and workers have died off the new Queens leave the nest and disperse and then hibernate until the Spring. Problems occur again due to artificial heat and light sources which can fool the Queen wasps in believing that Spring time has come and it is time to come out of hibernation. Treating a wasp problem in these circumstances is difficult and completely f=different to treating a wasp nest in the Summer. In the Summer a small amount of insecticide is placed in the wasp nest but with hibernating Queens there is no nest(s) so the insecticide needs to be spread over a wide area (loft, walls & ceilings) which the wasps absorb as they walk over the treated surface.
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