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Should a wasp nest be destroyed?

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Some people like to leave a wasp nest alone as they don’t like killing other creatures. In some cases this may be possible but if the nest is in a house it is not something I would recommend as they can be a danger and every year there are deaths due to wasp stings, either single or multiple. Multiple wasp stings occur often in loft spaces when a nest is disturbed, a light is on and escape is often hindered by the cramped conditions in loft spaces. Another common instance is when some one is cutting a hedge with a powered hedge cutter. The noise of the hedge cutter disguises any noise angry wasps may make and the first notice the person gets is when the wasps start stinging. The vibration of the hedge cutter agitates the wasps in the nest putting them on the offensive. Mankind is probably responsible for an artificially high number of wasp nests due to buildings. In a completely natural situation where man is not present the vast majority of the country would be covered with trees. One of the limiting factors of wasp nest population is the number of suitable nesting sites. Natural sites would include hollow trees, rodent holes, caves and other dry cavities. There would be a limit to the availability of such cavities, not so now where man has erected millions of buildings with lofts, cavity walls and other ideal nest sites.
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Do wasps do any good?

The answer to this is actually yes. From may to mid August worker wasps kill insects but mainly caterpillars and flies to feed to the growing grubs in the wasp nest that are either going to turn into either another batch of workers or new Queens and Drones. This changes however once the fruit ripens and the production of new wasp forms ceases 9mid August but sooner for the wasps that nest outside as their life cycle ends sooner) and the wasps change their diet to the ripening fruit.
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If you do decide to have your wasp nest treated then PEST UK offer a same day service at very reasonable rates 7 days a week in Harrow, Guildford, Reading, High Wycombe, Newbury, bracknell, Hungerford, Feltham, Camberley, Farnham, Basingstoke, Alton, Hounslow, Watford and many other places.
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