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Wasp & Bumble Bee Nests Cannot Move

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Wasp & Bumble Bee Nests Cannot Move:
Wasp Control from PestUKOne of the common complaints we get regarding wasp nests is that the customer phones up to say “The wasps have moved, they moved from the area you treated to the other side of the house”. Wasp nests cannot move. What has happened is that the wasp nests were already there but one of the nests often is much smaller, usually because the bigger nest is dominating the other and probably killing workers so the wasp population of the second nest is small by comparison to the first. Now once the main nest is killed off and the customer knows what to look for as to where a wasp nest is located (the coming and going of worker wasps in and out the entrance) they see the second nest as the other nest is dead this smaller nest has a new lease of life. We then get a phone call.

The reason that wasp nests cannot move is simple. The nest is started in April and anchored to the area it is built on or around, whether it be a tree, cavity wall or loft space. So a nest cannot ‘start in June, July, August but only in April and May or in rare cases March.Bee Control by PestUK

This puts us at PEST UK in a difficult position. We can understand the customers frustration at paying for a wasp nest to be treated and then finding that they think it has moved. For many people having a wasp nest either never happens or rarely in a life time. To have two in a short space of time therefore seems improbable but for us this is relatively common. We want to keep our customers happy but we can’t work for no fees. A discount will be offered for these situations. Our Wasp information leaflet does explain all about this as well as information about the treatment of wasp and bee nests.

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