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Waltham Cross foxes

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Waltham Cross

PESTUK have recently opened a new office in the area of Waltham Cross in Hertfordshire. We have been in the pest control business since 1985 and now cover Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire,West Middlesex, West London and now South Hertfordshire. All of our technicians are BPCA trained and certified so you can feel safe in the knowledge our technicians are professional and knowledgable in dealing with all pests. In Waltham Cross foxes have become a problem.

Waltham Cross foxes

PEST UK Waltham Cross- Foxes mating resembles screaming

Waltham Cross foxes

An increasing problem in urban areas, foxes are opportunistic feeders and will eat insects, worms, berries, small birds, small mammals and food scraps left by humans. They can also carry mange, a type of skin disease caused by parasitic mites, which can be picked up by dogs and passed on to people. There are 2 methods of control we use, live trapping or shooting. Shooting is the preferred method as it is cost effective, achieves better results and is more humane. Shooting will be done at dusk.

Not all sites are suitable for shooting. When trapping is carried out we ask the customer to check the traps twice a day & occasionally tip food into the trap. The customer must then call the office as soon as a fox is caught.

Before any shooting or trapping treatment is started we need to carry out a survey to see if any control can be carried out (in some cases the site is unsuitable to use a high powered rifle or where a live trap will be interfered with) and if so the best method to use. There will be a period of pre baiting prior to the start of any treatment and we may ask for a diary to be kept of times and dates of sightings.

The survey fee is £50.00 + VAT (outside of M25). The price for one shoot is £170.00 + VAT (dusk or night shoot, outside of M25). Trapping is charged for the initial set-down & pickup which is £120.00 + VAT & then £60.00 + VAT per extra visit (outside of M25).

To book an appointment with us please call-

Tel: 01992 820556

email: services@pestuk.com


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