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Update on Wasp Trap Trial, Squirrels & Wasp Nest Removal:
The weather is set to get warmer nest week (w/c 23/9/13) which may alter the catches on the different types of wasp and fly traps I have on a trial. After the run away success of the bag type disposable wasp trap earlier on in the Summer the re fillable dome and non dome traps with the entry points underneath are exceeding the disposable bag wasp trap in catches. The main noticeable difference is the amount of hornets the two re fillable traps are catching. There are dozens of hornets in these two traps. Since the weather has cooled they are catching more hornets than wasps, flies or other insects.
Re fillable Wasp Trap
The Rescue Fly Trap has not performed well at all in comparison with the other traps. There is not a problem with flies in the garden and it may be that the flies just prefer the wasp bait to the fly bait. If the Fly Trap was situated on its own it may still work. It is designed for flies.

Fly Trap from PEST UK

Fly Trap from PEST UK

At PEST UK we are now getting an increase in enquiries for people wanting us to remove squirrels from their lofts. This is because the squirrels are now looking for warmer sites to over winter. They would have occasionally visited the loft earlier in the year but lofts are really not suitable for Summer occupation as they get too hot in the Summer.
Grey Squirrel Feeding on spilt bird food
The bulk of the calls into PEST UK at the moment is still people wanting us to remove wasp nests. A lot of people ask if it is worth removing or treating the wasp nest at this time of year. They ask if they could leave the wasp nest to die on naturally. This is possible but there is still a long time until this happens. We still get calls for wasp nest removal and wasp nest treatments in early December.
European Wasp

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