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Pigeon Proofing

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I recently did some rather unusual pigeon proofing. I installed a pigeon net over an air vent to stop pigeons roosting and nesting inside of it.

Pigeon proofing is a relatively common request, as pigeons are often a problem with nesting and roosting in these areas, however this  airvent presented a bit of a challenge –  as it turned in the wind and functioned like a weathervane! Pigeons will nest and roost in areas they feel secure in. Pigeons are descended from Rock Doves that nest in quarry, cliffs and the pigeons have now adapted to nest on buildings.
Well, here at PEST UK we love a challenge, and we never give up, and here’s a photo of the pigeon proofed vent as evidence.
Feral Pigeon
Remember, when it comes to Pest Control we love a challenge! Also bear in mind that pigeon droppings can transmit pitsicosis. This is a serious lung disease that can be fatal. It is transmitted in the dust of dried up pigeon droppings. Another hazard apart from disease is the droppings are extremely slippery and are a slip hazard. Companies and individuals can be sued if pigeons nesting or roosting cause disease and or injury to other people. This is why control and prevention are so important.



Rick Pellen
Supervisor of the PEST UK Bird Team


To book a quote for pigeon proofing (either spiking, netting, culling or just ‘normal’pigeon proofing just call PEST UK on 0330 100 2811 (local rate) or 0800 026 0308 (free from landlines and some mobiles). You can also go to the main PEST UK website to send an e mail requesting a call back. The PEST UK offices are open 24 hours, seven days a week including weekends and bank holidays. We can supply photo’s of pigeon proofing works carried out by PEST’s Bird Team. Some of these jobs have been carried out in shopping centre and other large areas that can be viewed by the public.

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