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Top 5 Summer Pests

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Top 5 summer pests

As the summer continues we here at PESTUK increasingly receive calls regarding pest insects. The top 5 summer pests dealt with most often are-

  1. Wasps- entering and leaving a hole in the ground, a wall, roof or other part of a building between May & November. You may be getting wasps inside a room which may indicate a nest nearby. In the Autumn as the days get shorter wasps get attracted to lights inside building which they confuse with sunrise. They are more likely to sting than bees.
  2. Ants- Workers will frequently enter dwellings foraging for food, particularly sweet substances. While not a risk to human health, they can be present in large numbers to cause a nuisance. They will most certainly be coming from several nests so locating one nest and destroying that will have a limited effect.
  3. Cockroaches- Usually seen in kitchens or rooms with boilers or electrical devices such as fridges or cookers that give off heat. They are mainly nocturnal so likely to be seen at night.
  4. Hornets- Nests are a grey or brown structure made of a papier mache type material. Hornets are aggressive and will sting readily if they think the nest is in danger but generally they are less aggressive than wasps.
  5. Flies- There are many different types of flies.  Treatment and remedy can depend on the species and circumstances you are finding them in. Living in rural areas next to farmland (especially animal farms) can lead to periodic fly problems.

Treatment of top 5 summer pests

top 5 summer pests Common treatment of these pests will involve the application of insecticide or bait gels where appropriate to the pest. The insecticides we use are  biodegradable, almost odourless, non-tainting and do not corrode or stain. They are not highly toxic towards mammals but are extremely so to all forms of crawling and flying public health pests. All the resting places will have been sprayed and possibly dusted or similarly treated.

Our technicians cover from  Oxford, Reading, Guildford, EnfieldShepperton and  Salisbury. We are open 7 days a week to treat your pest problems and all calls are answered by a person and never a machine. We are full members of the BPCA, the governing body for pest control companies.

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