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Summer Pest Control in Berkshire, Hampshire, , Middlesex, West London, Surrey, Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire:
Wasp_High_Res 2At last the temperatures have risen & the weather is warm, dry, sunny with light winds. This is ideal for insects. It is probably a little late for the Queen wasps but any that have survived up to now will  have an excellent chance of continued survival as the BBC 10 day forecast is good. Many Queen wasps would have died due to the prolonged cold weather but it won’t affect the numbers in the same way as last year where we had a warm March which brought the Queen wasps out of hibernation early only to then turn wet, windy & unseasonably cold for the remainder of the Spring & then the same for the Summer. These long days will also give the Queens the time to select a suitable nest site (almost any dry cavity will do), build the nest, lay eggs, then feed the grubs. The grubs then pupate and come out as sterile females, which are the worker wasps. Once the Queen has enough workers she then stays in the nest and just lays eggs. All duties from expanding the nest, collecting food for the grubs and Queen, keeping the nest cool & waste disposal are now carried out by the workers. The nest is generally safe once this stage has been reached as any foraging workers can be replaced but the Queen herself cannot. The good weather also means that people are outside in their gardens so are more likely to notice wasps and bees nests and be able to call some one out. This obviously is most likely at weekends until schools close for the summer holidays when people are more likely to be in the garden all week. This hot weather has also brought about swarms of honey bees. Many people contact us to say that they have a swarm of wasps around their chimney or hanging in a bush etc. At this time of year this is more likely to be bees, as there are unlikely to be many wasps nests yet.Bee
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