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Student Accommodation and Bed Bugs

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Student Accommodation and Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are on the increase, and students need to know how best to protect their student houses and halls against them.

As students settle into the new academic year, it is useful to know what bedbugs are, and what you can do about them

What you need to know about bed bugs:Bed Bug

  • Bed bugs bite at night.
  • The severity of the bite will depend on the reaction of the person being bitten.
  • Bites are usually on areas of the body that stick out the bed covers.
  • Bites can – but not always – cause a skin rash or itchy bumps
  • Bed bugs are big enough to see with the naked eye – up to 1/4 inch long.
  • They are transparent tan/beige colour but turn dark brown/black, when fed.
  • Bed bugs are almost round, with 6 six legs and are very good walkers.
  • Bedbugs feed entirely on human blood at night when the victim is asleep.
  • Strange black spots on your mattress or sheet could be their dried faeces
  • Blood spots on your sheet may occur when you roll over and squash a bug
  • Bedbugs can travel quite easily in furniture and clothing so be aware
  • Bed bugs live in mattresses and also crevices and joints of furniture
  • Bed bugs are just as happy in clean beds

What you can do about bed bugs:

  • As soon as you suspect there are bedbugs alert someone – the landlord, agent or uni staff.  Don’t be embarrassed – chances are they were there before you, and a concerted effort is needed to get rid of them.
  • Inspect your room when you move in – it’s a good idea to check before you start unpacking
  • Mattress Protectors – A mattress protector especially designed to inhibit bed bugs is always a good idea for student accommodationKeep your room clean, and don’t leave dirty laundry lying around.
  • Use a HOT wash for bedding if you suspect bed bugs
  • Get a BPCA registered pest control company to help clear the infestation
  • Don’t panic and don’t ignore them

Students, parents and landlords should all be aware that the recent increase in bed bugs appears to be taking place all over the world, and although they can be tenacious little beasts, they can be dealt with, and should not be a major cause for concern. For further information and advice please call us on 0330 100 2811.


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