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How to Stop Mice from Entering Your Home

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At PESTUK we receive a large number of calls from the Shepparton area that involve rats and mice, and how they enter peoples homes. Rodents may travel some distance undetected through cavity walls, soffits and loft spaces before either coming to an area where they are seen, they are heard or evidence of their presence (droppings, smells or damage) is noted. They may be entering a row of terraced houses several properties away from where they are actually appearing.


Mice are able to gain entry through a hole as small as 1cm, so proofing against them can be difficult. We recommend sealing up any obvious holes around pipe work, removing any vegetation on or near your home can also prevent their access.

PESTUK Shepperton deal with mice problems

Mice in Shepperton

Mice have keen senses of taste, hearing, smell and touch. They are excellent climbers and can run up any rough vertical surface. They can run across wire cables and ropes and can jump up to a foot from the floor.


Rats require three things to survive and thrive- food, water and shelter.

Shepperton rats

Rats can cause damage to wiring by gnawing.

With rats entering a property it is essential that entry points are located and filled, or the problem will return. Bird feeding is the most common culprit for a rat infestation with the storage of waste food and products another possible factor.


Shepperton proofing

Damaged air brick that PEST UK Shepperton can replace

Air bricks are sometimes a common entry point for rodents, PEST UK can fit mesh air brick covers that prevent rodents from gnawing there way through back into a property. We would also check where any pipe work enters into the property incase of any gaps left by builders during construction.

Proofing internally will be the practical solution for flats, terraced and semi detached homes or properties where an entry point may be undetected, below ground or beyond control, within a large terrace or building.

This proofing will involve blocking holes, gaps and cracks in individual rooms to prevent re entry into those particular rooms. This means that control just by the use of poison bait will not be sufficient to deal with the current problem.

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